2. Preventing Dementia
  3. Is there a treatment for dementia?

Is there a treatment?

At present, there is no complete treatment for dementia, but there are drugs that slow down its progression. In addition, within the last 10 years, there have been advances in developing drugs as preemptive medicine for combating dementia before its onset.


"Disease-modifying drugs” that are gaining attention as preemptive medicine

Drugs that suppress the production of causative agents are being developed, based on the idea that it is effective to tackle dementia before its onset. Such drugs that directly act on substances closely related to the onset of a disease are referred to as “disease-modifying drugs”, and have been gaining attention as preemptive medicine.

The latest in image diagnosis, not limited to CT and MRI

Early discovery is important in treating dementia, and this requires image diagnosis. In addition to CT and MRI, there are high expectations for the latest technologies such as cerebral blood flow SPECT and PET. These tools can identify causative substances and the blood flow in locations where a decline in brain function occurs. Even in cases where shriveling of the brain cannot be seen by MRI, it is sometimes possible through cerebral blood flow SPECT tests to discover areas where there is poor blood flow and an impediment.

Living environment and social foundation for preventing worsening severity

While there is no complete treatment method today, the key is how to prevent dementia. In addition, when dementia has started, it is important to prevent it from advancing further. For this, not only is treatment important; it is also essential to develop the living environment.

Understanding various approaches related to dementia, such as welfare equipment and support systems to make one’s home safe, as well as social interaction and support through work and local activities in which one can enjoy hobbies, is an important step to continuing to live comfortably in one’s own way.

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