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Pad selection testimonials

How did you choose an incontinence care product for the first time? Who did you go to for advice? Were you worried about what others would think? Read on to find out the results of our survey of those who went through it.

Note: All data from Unicharm questionnaires conducted in September and October of 2015 (156 respondents)

Eighty-nine percent of people chose a product based on absorbency.

When you first purchased a urinary incontinence product, how did you decide which one to get? (select all that apply)

In this survey, 89.1% of people said that they chose an incontinence product based on absorbency, indicating that it is the most important feature for first-time buyers. Many people also looked at deodorizing features and slimness/thickness as well as scent and comfort.

Most people find the perfect product after one to three tries.

How many purchases did it take you to find the perfect product?

The percentage of respondents who said they found the perfect product in one to three tries was 65.7%. Meanwhile, 21.9% said they still haven’t found the right product for them.

We asked people who had been through the experience what advice they had for others trying to select a product and have published it in our testimonial section, so be sure to take a look … you’ll find some great tips there.

The Unicharm site also provides detailed information on product absorbency, size, and other features, so please make good use of it.

What others think is a very real concern …

When you first bought a product, were you worried about what others would think?

When they first purchased a urinary incontinence product, 65.2% of those surveyed reported that they were worried about what others would think. Strategies to keep the product hidden varied, but many hid it under other items in their baskets, put it where their family members wouldn’t find it, or bought it somewhere they don’t usually shop.

Our testimonial section is full of advice from people who have been through this experience already, so be sure to check it out for helpful hints.

What is the situation of first purchase. (Multiple answers possible)

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