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Q&A on common incontinence and nursing care problems

Common questions about using adult diapers

What’s the best way to choose a urine-absorbing pad?

There are different urine-absorbing pads meant to be combined with different outer diapers. If you are using a tape-on outer diaper, you need a pad designed for tape-on products, and if you are using pants type, you need a pad designed for those.

You also need to select a pad that can absorb the right amount and number of eliminations.

Urine is leaking out of the diaper. How do I stop this from happening?

There are two reasons for leakage and each of them has its own solution

The first reason is “capacity shortage of diapers”. In this case, by switching to higher capacity product will likely solve the problem.

Second reason is “gap of diapers”. If the leakage from gap was the cause, changing diapers size or reviewing type of pad or way to put it can solve the problem.

Why can’t multiple urine-absorbing pads be used at once?

There is a water proof sheet is attached to back side of pad. Urine cannot go through it, so piling urine pad doesn’t increase capacity. Not only that, piling pad can create gap and urine can be leaked from that gap. Furthermore, piling pad will make air breathing worse and it will make humid inside the diaper and can cause rash.

I’m using a diaper designed for five eliminations and a pad designed for two, but I’m still getting leaks. Why?

Five elimination diaper combined with pad for two does not make capable for seven. There is water proof sheet attached to back side of pad and urine does not go through it, so combining does not add up capacity of both products.

When using urine care pad, the urine overflowed will stopped by diaper.

Even though capacity numbers doesn’t add up, using urine care pad makes easy to change diaper because you only need to change pad most of the time.

The small tape-on diapers won’t fit, but when I use the medium size, there is a lot of tape left over and there are gaps in the fit. How do I fix this?

If there is too much tape, you can sometimes angle it to get a better fit. If there are large gaps in the fit, you can fill them by adding a urine-absorbing pad to the diaper.

Using a pad makes changes easier, which is great for convenience.

If you call the Unicharm Iki-iki Dial helpline, we can help you select the diaper and pad that are best suited to your situation. We can also send you samples of urine-absorbing pads if you’ve never used them before, so feel free to give us a call!

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Which diapers are best for fecal incontinence?

Since stool is solid, there are no diapers capable of absorbing stool itself, but diapers will absorb its moisture and hold it inside.

How long can a diaper be worn if it isn’t soiled?

Even it was still clean, for the sake of sanitary purpose, we recommend changing a diaper at least once a day.

I accidently threw a diaper in the wash. What should I do?

If there is shattered material or pectized substance was sticking to inside of washing machine, wipe it out with cloth. Also there is a chance for it to penetrate into washing tub and washing machine mechanism. If your washing machine functions poorly or does not drain water well, please contact to manufacturers’ support. If you find flake on cloth, hang out to dry and then wiping make easy to wipe it off.

A diaper was accidentally eaten. Is everything going to be OK?

The pectized form substance is polymeric water-absorbing material. It is confirmed as “virtually harmless level” by acute toxicity testing.

[In case of swallowing of not absorbed pre-use polymeric water-absorbing material]

There won’t be any problem in small amount. It will be eliminated from the body finally. However, if it was swallowed with pulp in large amount, there is a risk of choking. Let it expel from mouth and see doctor.

[In case of swallowing of after use polymeric water-absorbing material]

It is already bulged by urine or other moisture so there is not much risk of distends in throat or stomach by internal moisture. It will be eliminated from the body finally. However, it is absorbed with excrement and there could be sanitary concern. Please go see a doctor.

I’m struggling with the frequency/amount of nighttime urination.

Frequency/amount of nighttime urination has a chance to improve by reviewing daily habit. Especially control of water intake. Generally, it is said that it is effective to limit water intake under 2% of body weight other than meal. Specifically limit drinking after 3:00PM and avoid caffeine and alcohol which has diuretic effect.

It is important to know balance of IN (water intake) and OUT (urination), so taking urination record is recommended.

NOTE: The one with diabetes, cardiac condition, high-blood pressure or symptom of dysfunction of kidneys or administered with diuretic needs special attention for water intake control.

Condition of constipation also affects to frequency/amount of nighttime urination. In addition, one with swollenness of lower body can be prevent with exercise (e.g. walking, knee bend or squat) in early evening is also effective.

If you’re having difficulty selecting an outer diaper

The person I’m caring for has started to become nervous about using the bathroom and often doesn’t make it in time. What products do you recommend?

For light urine leakage trouble, we recommend urine care product(or your brand name) which absorbs urine quickly and makes you feel no rewet.

I’ve been using the tape-on diapers, but the person I’m caring for can now stand with assistance. I’m wondering whether we can move away from the tape-on diapers now …

If the care receiver can stand a few seconds with support, we recommend to use ADL3 pants which is hjgher absorption level than ADL0~2 pants. In comparison with tape type diaper, pants type diaper is easy to wear and take off, which leads easier self excretion in toilet. Moreover, self excretion in toilet is expected to be mental and pshisical rehanilitation and make care receiver more active.

I’ve been using pants type, but the person’s condition has changed and now they’re bedridden most of the time. They can’t sit up, so changing them has become really difficult …

If care giver has to change diapers, we recommend to use tape type diaper.

There are few burdens on each other in case of excahnge since care giver changes only direction of the body of care receiver and doesn't need to pull up the waist of care receiver. In addition, if you use with urine pad for tape type, you can repeatedly use it until the outer tape type diaper becomes dirty. So, it is easy to change and economical.

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