2. What to do about urinary leaks
  3. Testimonials from people who have experienced urinary leaks
  4. Someone in my family has developed urinary incontinence

Someone in my family has developed urinary incontinence

We asked experienced users to tell us about the time they first noticed that a family member was experiencing leaks, what that person felt, and more. Read on to find out more.

Note: All data collected from a Unicharm survey conducted between April 22 and June 2, 2015

Advice on product selection

The first time a person has a urinary leak can be a bewildering and upsetting experience, but if the people around them offer helpful solutions, they can get back to living their days in comfort and with a positive attitude.

It’s also quite common for people to make due with sanitary napkins or pantiliners at first, but once they switch to products made for urinary leaks, they end up feeling much more confident about avoiding leaks and odors.

Even those who started avoiding going out because they were worried about leaks realized how easy it was to just use a urinary care product—so jump in and try them for yourself!