2. Advice on excretion and nursing care
  3. Tips on excretion care

Tips on excretion care

We will introduce helpful tips on nursing care for family member at home.

Capability of sitting is essential for self-excretion. Since defecation becomes easier with capability of sitting, aim to be able to sit or aim to maintain the current physical condition as a goal.

People have different rhythm of excretion. The key point is to grasp your own rhythm of excretion. Include the activity of going to the bathroom into your daily activity, train your rhythm of excretion with regularly going to the bathroom.

Activities such as going to the bathroom, removing the disposable pants, sitting on the toilet seat are helpful for the recovery of mobility capability. It is possible to reduce the burden of the care giver when going to the bathroom.

It is strenuous work for family member to do long-term nursing care at home. By fully utilize the benefit of nursing care insurance, it is important for family member or yourself to be able to get professional support.

When choosing adult diapers, factors such as when to start or stop using adult diapers, are important to be considered accordingly to your physical condition and purpose. This would be helpful for independent excretion and help maintain comfortable excretion.

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