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About Lifree

Lifree is the No. 1 Adult Incontinence in Japan. We are here to increase the quality of excretion care for both caregivers and care receiver. We keep human dignity, supporting them to live as they should be for a long time by providing superior quality products and services that allows everyone to "Be Yourself".

Lifree has a hope that "a person should be as he/she is". The root of Lifree's philosophy lies on the concept of "Rehabilitation". The word "rehabilitation" came from the Latin, Re-Habiris, which means "suitable" or "worthy." In other words, it means gaining back what is suitable for him/her. We promote "Rehabili Concept" on disposable pants diaper for adult, hoping it is not only disposable diaper for incontinence but it is the pants products by which you can get back the human dignity.

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