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How to select the right adult diaper

Get advice from Lifree on how to select the right adult diaper. This section includes common difficulties experienced by first-time adult diaper buyers, hints from experienced users on getting it right, feedback from experienced caregivers* and more.

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Common feedback

I’m trying to select an adult diaper for the first time, and I have no idea how to pick one!

36-year-old housewife

I’d never used them myself, so I really wasn’t sure what to look for.

41-year-old part-time job

There were too many options, and I didn’t know which would be best for them.

57-year-old housewife

I had no idea which to use with all the options out there. I didn’t understand the differences between them.

Advice from Lifree

It’s important to select an outer (external diaper) and inner (inside pad) combination based on how the person is going to use the diaper, their physical condition, how they live their lives, and other key factors.

How to select the outer portion (external diaper)

How to select the inner portion (inside pad)

I’m trying to select an adult diaper for the first time, and I don’t know what size to get!

60-year-old housewife

I thought bigger would be better, but it didn’t work because of how much they actually moved around, so they ended up not being able to wear them.

49-year-old regular employee

I was overwhelmed by all the options … even diapers of the same size have different thicknesses and price per diaper, so it was challenging.

51-year-old regular employee

I’m not the one wearing them, so it’s hard to tell how they feel. The elastic part looks tight, so I’m always rolling it up.

Advice from Lifree

The key to selecting pullups is getting the waist size right. With tape-on diapers, it’s the hips.

Use the waist measurements to select the right pullup size.

Some users prefer going up a size because it helps them get the pullups on and off more easily, but if they’re too big, they may leak—so it’s best to get a size that’s snug on the waist.

Use the hip measurements to select the right size for tape-on diapers.

Select a size that allows you to slide your hand between the stomach and the taped diaper once it’s on. If the tape is too long, you can angle it a bit.

Feel free to contact our customer support hotline, “Unicharm Iki-iki Dial” if you’d like to speak with someone about how to choose the right diaper or urinary incontinence pad based on the physical condition of the person.

The person is reluctant to wear an adult diaper for the first time …

47-year-old housewife

They pull it off in the middle of the night while they’re sleeping … I guess it’s uncomfortable?

80-year-old housewife

I guess that no woman wants to wear a diaper, no matter how old they get.

50-year-old regular employee

They won’t wear it because they say they don’t want anyone to find out.

Advice from Lifree

Lifree offers an extensive lineup of products, including those that won’t show through clothing as well as those that feel and wear like regular underwear. Users can select one that matches their physical capabilities and lifestyle.

For mild incontinence

We recommend the Lifree Extra Dry Pad Series for urinary incontinence. They’re designed like sanitary napkins, so they won’t show through clothing. Leaks are quickly absorbed and locked in, leaving the surface staying fresh and dry.

For first-time users

For diapers that feel like regular underwear, try our Lifree Ultra Slim Pants. They’re super-thin like regular underwear—our slimmest product yet—so they won’t show under clothing. Users can get out and enjoy life with as much comfort and confidence as they always have.

For those who don’t want to use a separate absorbent pad

Try our Lifree Powerful Slim Pants. It offers long hours of outstanding leak protection

Advice from long-term users

Listen to what the wearer wants

48-year-old regular employee

It depends on the physical condition of the person, but if simplifying your caregiving duties is your main goal, you’re likely to overlook any psychological resistance that the person has to wearing the diaper, which in turn could cause them to become depressed. I think that’s the most important thing to watch out for.

65-year-old regular employee

You want them to be as close to regular underwear as possible, with all the features. And make sure you choose something that isn’t going to upset the person wearing them.

36-year-old part-time job

Why not try a really thin one at first so it doesn’t feel so awkward? I collected information from all kinds of sources—online, magazines—in order to find something that would feel good to the person wearing it. After all, making sure they’re comfortable is the most important thing!

Try lots of different ones!

43-year-old part-time job

If they’re too small, they’re uncomfortable, but if they’re too big, you risk side leakage. Try different varieties to see which ones they like best.

52-year-old regular employee

I suggest that you try a variety of options to make sure that the person using them isn’t uncomfortable.

53-year-old housewife

It’s harder than you think to get the waist and leg elastic sizes right. It won’t work if it’s too loose or too tight. The best thing is to start out by trying several different brands to find the best fit.

Get something that’s comfortable for the way they use them.

51-year-old regular employee

Make sure you know how frequently they’re using the bathroom, how much they’re doing, and take your time picking out something that works for them.

41-year-old part-time job

People needing care tend to have a weak grip, so it’s good to get something that they can pull on and off easily.

32-year-old regular employee

My father’s in a wheelchair and has trouble standing to change his diapers, so he uses the tape-on kind. But those can shift around easily if someone’s standing up and sitting down a lot, so in that case I’d recommend the pull-ups.

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